Welcome to Cadium Design Solutions!

Cadium Design Solutions is a leading provider of web, mobile and desktop application development solutions and services for academic and business institutions. We provide complex, comprehensive software solutions for unique client needs.

Web Development

HTML 5 Apps, eCommerce, Content Management and custom functionality are our specialties. Above all, we have a deep understanding of how to solve business challenges with elegant custom web-based application solutions, and understand the critical balance between design and functionality.

Mobile Development

iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7. Yup. We work with all of them. We also know how to build cross-platform native and mobile web solutions. We understand phones and tablets, as well as all the integration scenarios with your existing business systems.

Desktop Development

We understand the desktop and how fast that landscape is changing. Sometimes a desktop application is flat out the right choice. We help our clients think through the business problems, develop solutions and integrate with existing internal or external systems.